Merrick community welcomes residents to BriarCliff


After Merrick’s “BriarCliff” sign was knocked down in an auto accident, community members joined with the North and Central Merrick Civic Association to create a new sign welcoming residents into the residential area. Community members gathered on Sept. 29 to unveil the new sign.

The BriarCliff section of North Merrick is located off of Merrick Avenue and begins on Henry Road. Over 18 months ago, Ken Grube created a committee with Claudia Borecky, the president of the civic association, and began fundraising to build a new sign.

Grube and the BriarCliff committee went door-to-door around the BriarCliff area, asking residents for donations. “Most of the people living here missed the sign,” Grube said.

The BriarCliff sign is located on an island at the intersection of Merrick Avenue and Henry Road. An anonymous resident has also beautified the area by planting purple flowers.