Another example of why people don't trust government

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This is a shame. Here is an investment banker and Democratic crony who was bailed out by the American taxpayer, a heavily connected member of the Democratic Washington-Wall Street power axis once again being generously awarded for scamming the public.

This isn’t the first time Citigroup has provided a cushy landing for a high-profile Democrat. In fact, former White House Budget Director Peter Orszag is now a vice chairman at the company, and then there’s former Treasury Secretary Robert Rubin, who has been paid in excess of $115 million by Citigroup to be its public sponsor and push its risky financial practices — the same ones that forced the country into a recession and cost the American taxpayer billions to bail out. Rubin was responsible for Jack Lew’s getting his job at Citigroup.

I applaud the 26 senators who voted against Lew’s appointment, especially Sen. Orrin Hatch, who went on record questioning the choice and stated, after Lew’s appointment, “There remain several serious concerns about [his] background. Unfortunately, many of these concerns will go unaddressed.”

This is just another American story of greed, of the corrupt getting richer at a time when most Americans are struggling to pay their bills and the people in Washington and on Wall Street wonder why the public has such disdain for them.

On March 1, President Obama announced that lawmakers in Washington had failed to reach a last-ditch sequester deal. In typical fashion, instead of stepping up and leading our nation, the president simply blamed everything on Republicans in Congress.

Over the next few weeks, I predict the media will illustrate the long lines at the airports and the other hardships the cuts in jobs and funding will produce. However, what we should be focusing on is a way to fix the problem.

There are simple ways to cut spending and bring in additional revenue. For instance, why should the American taxpayer pay for my Medicare or Social Security? I’m still working, and fortunately have done well for myself. I’m not the only person over 65 still making a good living. The federal government should means-test Medicare and Social Security recipients.
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