Railroad Service Restored to Long Beach Branch

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On the Long Beach branch, approximately 1,000 electrical signal components were replaced, repaired or cleaned as LIRR signal employees worked at 21 different signal instrument locations. MTA officials said the salt-water damaged 3-megawatt substations have had switches, circuit breakers, relays and other critical substation parts fixed.

While additional repair work will continue on the branch, Williams said officials recognize the importance of regular train service as the rebuilding effort continues in the Long Beach community and other hard-hit areas all along the train line.

“Restoring electric train service to Long Beach has been at the top of the LIRR’s priority list,” she said. “We know customers depend on the LIRR to get back and forth to work and to reach New York City. We’re very pleased to be able to restore the service.”

Prior to electric restoration, the MTA began offering diesel shuttle service between Long Beach and Lynbrook on Nov. 14. When the diesel offering was announced, Williams said she hoped to have electrical service restores to the Long Beach branch by Christmas.

City Manager Jack Schnirman said he was grateful for any service restoration to the city, adding that the Long Island Railroad was an important part of the lives of many in Long Beach.

“It’s so important for our residents to be able to get for work and for, literally, the trains to be able to run on time,” he said when diesel service began. “This is a major milestone for us in getting back to normal.”

Long Beach customers with a November monthly LIRR ticket who may have been displaced by the storm will still be able to use that ticket on all other branches until Dec. 1, officials said.

A.M. Peak Canceled Long Beach Branch Trains:

The 6:54 a.m. from Long Beach, due Atlantic Terminal at 7:49 a.m., is canceled. Customers will be accommodated by the 7:04 A.M. from Long Beach due Penn Station at 7:57 AM. Customers for Atlantic Terminal must transfer at Jamaica.

The 7:23 a.m. from Long Beach, due Penn Station at 8:22 a.m., is canceled. Customers will be accommodated by the 7:39 a.m. from Long Beach due Penn Station at 8:32 a.m.

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