A Baldwin Love Story


One Baldwin couple recently decided to have a local wedding right here in Nassau on Thursday, July 27.

As they said their vows, tears streamed down their faces, and after they said their “I dos,” they joined hands and kissed, while their family and friends at the church, smiled and cheered.

“I almost cried as they walked down the aisle,” said the Bride's sister, Katura DeVane, who sang “Never Felt This Way,” by Brian Mcknight, as the bride and groom walked down the aisle. “My sister is my best friend, so seeing her get married is so special to me and I’m glad that I could sing to her to show my love and appreciation for her.”

Many of the friends and family that attended the wedding wished the newlyweds the best in their love, and shared positive thoughts about how they thought the couple’s relationship formed.

“I’m so happy that my really good friend has married her best friend and her soul mate,” said Tahira Dupree Chase. “I think it’s important for people to form friendships first before dating because marriage is a partnership and it is the union of people with like minds, based on unconditional love and mutual respect and friendship is the start of that love.”  

“I think marriage is based on strength, commitment, being equally yoked, having a common ground and having common spirituality and perspective on how to live life,” said Tanisha Denton, a friend of the bride for 29 years. “We need to go back to arranged marriages because marriage is on a decline, people are into looks at first sight, instead of commitment and I think we need to recreate love at first sight and rebuild the traditional family.”  

As the wedding came to end, the traditional ceremony of “Jumping the Broom,” served as a symbolic representation of the newly wedded couple's commitment towards one another. Then, the bride and groom and groomsmen and bridesmaids, traveled to the Seasoning Garden at Hofstra University, to capture wedding photos around the Dutch tulip gardens, the Hofstra Labyrinth, the fountain and various sculptures. The night ended with wedding catering for the reception gathering at Verdi’s Westbury.

The newlyweds plan to spend their honeymoon in New Orleans, a place both of them have never visited, where they hope to spend time exploring and spending quality time getting to know one another as husband and wife.