Baldwin resident brought fun and games to Hangout One Happy Place


Jason Vasconez, a life scout with Troop 824, created a fun environment for Hangout One Happy Place last Wednesday when he hosted his Eagle Scout project.

Vasconez donated board games to One Happy Place, as well as a bookcase to store the games on, for his project. His goal was to host a fun game night and to teach members of the organization how to play some of the board games. Vasconez hopes he can achieve the highest rank in scouts, Eagle Scout, with this event that he organized.

“I wanted to do something impactful,” Vasconez said about his project. “Some projects aren’t as impactful as others and I wanted to do something for the community specifically.”

Vasconez mentioned that he loves playing games and he thought that members of One Happy Place would have a good time with the board games he brought. Some of the board games were collected through donations and Vascinez bought others. Vasconez is 17 and in 12th grade so he is working hard to become an Eagle Scout before he goes to college.

“There’s a lot of leadership that comes with Eagle Scout,” Vasconez said. “I have been in the Scouts for a long time so to become an Eagle Scout would be a natural progression.”

To people who are still trying to become an Eagle Scout, Vasconez said “you gotta keep pushing.” He said that once you are able to complete the Eagle Scout project, there is a lot of pride that comes with that. He suggests that people in the Scouts should choose an issue that they are passionate about for their project.

Some of Vasconez’ favorite badges that he received are the archery badge and the SpaceX badge where he built a model rocket and shot it up in the sky. He said he would like to get the game design badge.

“I’ve always loved camping and fishing,” Vasconez said when asked what his favorite thing is about the Scouts. “I like being outside a lot.”