South Side High School on cutting edge of evolving classroom practices

Watching a human heart beat up close is an experience reserved for cardiovascular surgeons, and to hold one in your hand sounds like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe poem. Yet at South Side High School in Rockville Centre, students can virtually grab a beating heart from a screen and pull it toward them, examining it from all angles, as vibrations — simulating blood pumping to vital organs — pulse through a stylus and into their hand.“If you put your face slowly into the heart,” teacher Chris D’Ambrosio said, smiling, “you’ll see the inside.”

Educating the 21st Century Child

Traveling to Machu Picchu — from desks in a classroom

Part 6 of the “Educating the 21st Century Child” series. Students held the Google Cardboard virtual-reality glasses to their faces on a recent Thursday. “Let’s get ready to …

Educating the 21st Century Child

Experiential learning, vocational education making a comeback

Part five in the series “Educating the 21st Century Child.”Mepham High School broadcast teacher Stu Stein often holds class in the dark, and with virtually every surface in his …

Educating the 21st Century Child

When sex education meets technology

When educators and experts talk about the state of sex education in 2017, they return again and again to the concept of responsibility. The responsibility they speak of, however, has nothing to do with “safe sex,” the catchphrase so many adults remember from their middle and high school health classes.

Educating the 21st Century Child

Making space for new technology in school

Part two in the series “Educating the 21st Century Child.” Only a decade or so ago, classroom desks were lined up in neat rows. Students faced the blackboard or whiteboard. Their ability to …

Brooks: We can all live by Dr. King’s words

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was designated by Congress in 1994 as the first and only federal holiday observed as a national day of service.


A Freeporter’s quest to paint dreams

Capturing the world on his canvas has been his life’s work. Freeporter Marc Josloff, 70, is hosting an exhibit of his recent paintings and photographs at the Freeport Memorial Library throughout …

First Smash Bros. video game tournament in Freeport

The Freeport Memorial Library held a video game tournament on Dec. 15 with support from the Mid-Tier Summit Gaming, a gaming organization creating E-sports and a safe gaming community across Nassau …

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