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Scout Maselli builds a new home for ospreys in Bayville

An osprey couple recently moved to a new home in the marsh next to West Harbor Beach. The surroundings are ideal — a 360 degree view of the Long Island Sound where dinner is a stone’s throw away. They arrived the day after the osprey nest platform, atop a 20 foot pole, was driven roughly 4 feet into the marsh in Bayville. The couple immediately began crafting their nest and a day later, the male was seen flying over their new home defending it.

Book offers an authentic history of the Culper Spy Ring

Spies and spying have been a fascination among even the most conventional among us for generations. The intrigue has no boundaries of timeline or locale:  Witness the popularity of Bond movies, the FX series “The Americans,” “Mission Impossible” — the TV series and the movies — and more recently, “Turn: Washington’s Spies.” But it is rare that viewers can say  they live where Revolutionary War spying took place, except in the case of “Turn,” in which some members of the Culper Spy Ring lived in the hamlet of Oyster Bay and Setauket.

New name for a well-known itch: ‘maskne'

Nancy Widman said that when she first noticed the rash on her neck, she didn’t think anything of it. But it got worse, spreading down her throat onto her chest. Widman’s doctor attributed her condition to the cloth masks she had been wearing to avoid getting Covid-19. She  recommended that she switch to paper masks, and gave her a prescription for medication.

Oyster Bay High School alum releases an EP

Arianna Chetram, who graduated from Oyster Bay High School in 2018, celebrated the release of her EP “Love Letters” on May 22, with her family, friends and colleagues. The pop-rock artist released the EP under her stage name Victoria Kingz.

Residents resoundingly approve of the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District’s budget

The Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District’s budget of roughly $61.4 million passed on Tuesday with 445 residents voting “yes,” and 170 voting …

Former U.S. Representative Lester Wolff dies at 102

Lester L. Wolff, who was elected to the House of Representatives in 1964 and served as a U.S. congressman for 16 years, died Tuesday at 102 years old. He had lived the last 21 years in East Norwich, where he remained active until his death.

Peter Thais wins prestigious Coca-Cola Scholar Award

Peter Thais, 17, a senior at Oyster Bay’s St. Dominic’s High School, has been named a 2021 Coca-Cola Scholar, an honor that comes with a $20,000 college scholarship. He is the only student from Long Island among the 150 awardees, and one of only five New York state seniors chosen from nearly 100,000 applicants by the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation.


Saving the planet, in your backyard

The Central Long Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation recently constructed an “ocean-friendly garden” at Pennsylvania Avenue and Ocean Beach Park in Long Beach . . .

Randi Kreiss

Are we immune to Texas-style xenophobia?

There is a trifecta of trouble deep in the heart of Texas: Gov. Greg Abbott, the Texas legislature and the state Board of Education.

Jerry Kremer

Ranked-choice voting? Not my choice.

I must confess that I’m an old-fashioned guy who honors certain customs. I hold doors open for women and people with packages. I put my hand over my heart . . .


We must reduce the dangers of fire-retardant chemicals

Our brave firefighters risk their lives every day to keep our communities safe. The least we can do is protect them from dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals.

Randi Kreiss

It isn’t your grandma’s senior prom night

Prom 2021 is an act of faith. It is kids needing to shake off more than a year of lockdowns, shutdowns, sickness and isolation. It is a down payment on good times ahead after an avalanche of disappointments.