Locust Valley schools pass spending plan

The Locust Valley Central School District budget passed on Tuesday, while Matthew Barnes, Holly Gaddy Esteves and Nicholas DellaFera were elected to the board of education, and Lauren Themis was re-elected. The vote came after a tumultuous year for the district, which lost both its superintendent and board president in just two months.

School budget approved in Oyster Bay

Voters resoundingly approved the Oyster Bay-East Norwich Central School District’s budget of just over $64.4 million on Tuesday, and gave a collective thumbs-up to all of the propositions on the ballot as well. This will help the district move forward with what Superintendent Francesco Ianni described as a mission to continue making Oyster Bay one of the best and most innovative school districts in the nation.

Beep ball’s Bombers vs. Mets draws a large crowd

From afar, the May 6 baseball game at John Maccarone Memorial City Stadium between the Long Island Bombers and the Sunset Mets looked like any other game played there. The bases were loaded, friends and family filled the stands, and athletes were patiently waiting for their turn to get their hands and bats on the ball. But the players in this baseball game were all visually impaired.

George Santos constituents react to indictment

Since Congressman George Santos took office in January, his constituents have demanded his resignation. Santos has drawn deep, bipartisan scrutiny from falsehoods around his work experience, biography, and his financial statements, leaving many feeling misrepresented in the House. For four months his constituents organized protests outside his Queens office with others contacting elected leader’s offices to voice concerns.

Kaplan’s goal: to flip House to Democratic majority

Representative George Santos' indictment inspires former State Senator Anna Kaplan to move campaign plan forward

A video released on May 11 by former Democratic State Sen. Anna Kaplan was an official kickoff for her candidacy as a challenger in the 3rd Congressional District primary. The video has already had …

Bahr Gallery in Oyster Bay opens its groovy new exhibition

Fans of classic rock and psychedelic art got the chance to enjoy and buy original examples of 1960’s posters during the opening of the Bahr Gallery in Oyster Bay’s newest exhibition, …

Jerry Kremer

Two isn’t always a winning number

There are all types of numbers associated with politicians. Pollsters are constantly bombarding us with numbers. Defeated candidates keep complaining that they won, and say they have the numbers to prove it.

Randi Kreiss

Minx or madman: the George Santos story

Don’t mess with puppies, George. From what I’ve read and what I’ve heard in statements coming out of your very own mouth . . .


Gambling addiction is no game

More than 50 million sports fans in the United States had more invested in last Sunday's Super Bowl than pride in their favorite team. They wagered as much as $16 billion on the game.

Peter King

How political extremism became the norm

Viewing the American political scene today, I can’t help thinking about what Yeats wrote more than a century ago: “Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.”