The dual history of Quakers and abolition

The history of Quakerism has deep roots in the story of the United States, whether it be their influence on the colonial period or the key role Quakers played in the Revolutionary War, although their …


Tom Suozzi makes a triumphant return to Congress

After a contentious special election, Tom Suozzi has won back his old seat in Congress with 5.8. Despite a vigorous campaign by his Republican opponent Mazi Melesa Pilip, Suozzi’s election …

Snowfall impacts Glen Cove -schools closed

Last minute shifts in the forecast prompted the National Weather Service to issue a Winter Storm Watch, as the biggest snow storm in over two years is set to hit the area.

Working toward a more vibrant downtown Glen Cove

Glen Cove’s City Hall echoed with the voices of residents eager to share their thoughts on plans for the city’s future. Families, business owners, senior citizens and those involved in …

New legislation takes aim at AI

Assemblyman Jake Blumencranz, of Oyster Bay, has thrust two pivotal pieces of legislation into the spotlight targeting the reprehensible use of artificial intelligence in generating deepfake and …

Remembering King’s legacy in Glen Cove

For 40 years Glen Cove’s elected leaders, the community and faith leaders from across the North Shore gather for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day to participate in a symbolic march from the First …

John Zozzaro’s journey from local entrepreneur to City Council member

John Zozzaro’s journey from a Glen Cove native to a City Council member unfolded through the 51-year-old’s tapestry of community involvement, entrepreneurial spirit, and a deep connection to his …


It’s time we find common ground on ‘Raise the Age’

Long Island has become the center of New York’s — and the nation’s — political conversation. In recent elections, state and local policies have had an enormous influence on Nassau and Suffolk County campaigns that ultimately played a decisive role in determining control of Congress.


It’s Library Lovers Month — borrow a book

I read “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” my first banned book, when I was 12. My friend lent me the book, and I found the good parts by the dog-eared pages. The experience did not compromise my moral compass or corrupt me in any way I can discern. I am not recommending the book for today’s 12-year-olds, because it’s a pretty boring read, but I am advocating that a broad spectrum of books be available to students who choose to read them.