Wantagh High School valedictorian and salutatorian discuss their academic achievements

Ever since they met in sixth-grade French class, Wantagh High School seniors Lee and Ibrahim have been friends. Over the years they have shared a number of classes, and both said that their friendship developed naturally because of how often they saw each other.

Levittown native Jimmy Failla on hosting 'Fox News Saturday Night with Jimmy Failla'

Levittown native Jimmy Failla has jumped around from driving cabs to working comedy clubs and now hosting his own show on cable television.

All aboard for Levittown's WinterFest at Island Trees Library

Levittown's 25th WinterFest, held at the Island Trees Public Library on Feb. 10, delighted attendees with a range of activities and entertainment. Hosted by the Levittown Community Council, the …

Milestone moment at Seaford Manor: 100 days smarter

Kindergartners at Seaford Manor Elementary School achieved the second milestone of their young academic careers on Feb. 8. After successfully conquering the first day of school in September, they have now reached the 100-day mark.

Anne Frank performance is powerful for Wantagh eighth graders

Wantagh Middle School eighth graders experienced history like they never have before. On Feb. 2, they attended a performance in the high school auditorium of “Conversations With Anne,” a …


Reflections on the special election

It isn’t often that a congressional race becomes the center of national attention. But that was the case in the campaign between Tom Suozzi and Mazi Pilip to succeed the disgraced George Santos in the 3rd Congressional District.


Check your Medicare statement carefully

If a poll were to be taken, I would have to be the last person on this planet who thinks that government is a perfect institution. I respect the FBI and the CIA, and I even trust the IRS. As a senior citizen, I have always considered Medicare one of the finest agencies we have, but some new facts have emerged that have convinced me that it is a sloppy and careless government behemoth.


Writing climate change into the K-12 curriculum

We are living in the midst of a climate emergency, with the expectation that conditions will significantly worsen in the near future. In January, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration confirmed that 2023 was the hottest year ever recorded. In New York state, climate change is impacting the environment, society and the economy as extreme weather events increase in frequency and intensity. Floods are more frequent, and the growing season for crops is changing. Climate disasters have cost the northeastern United States over $80 billion since 1980.