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Lynbrook historical odds & ends: A $550 Chevrolet in Lynbrook

In 1916, Lynbrook’s New Era newspaper advertised a nifty looking, new Chevrolet at Albert F. Janecek’s auto dealership on Merrick Road.

Lynbrook Fire Department saves man from burning home

Lynbrook firefighters saved a man from his burning basement on Feb. 21.

East Rockaway's Builders Club spreads love to senior citizens

Staying connected during Covid-19 has been tough, but East Rockaway’s Builders Club contacted nursing homes just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Different perspectives on Valentine’s Day

While some people are accustomed to spending Valentine’s Day with a spouse or a partner, there are many people who have never celebrated the holiday because they have chosen to live a life of …

Lynbrook schools celebrate a very ‘Hamilton’ Human Relations Day

Nothing — not even a pandemic — was going to stop teacher Mary Kirby and her band of 60 highly determined students from hosting Lynbrook High School’s annual Human Relations Day.


So now that you’re vaccinated . . .

I applaud the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s recent guidance update recommending that people who are fully vaccinated not be confined to quarantine after exposure to a case of Covid-19.


How do you know I’m from Lawn Guyland?

I was in Ryann’s Wines in East Meadow around the holidays, standing at the checkout, when a fellow customer, a man in his 70s, called out to a 20-something employee from across the store.

Randi Kreiss

A governor bruised by a pandemic mistake

I admired Gov. Mario Cuomo so much that I actually bought an old CD of his speeches some years ago, and I actually listened to them. So I am educated in the successes and rhetorical and political skills of the Cuomo boys.