Nassau County Redistricting

GOP, Dems can’t agree on district maps

Nassau County Republicans and Democrats remained far apart when it comes to redistricting the county legislature. And as a final map is expected to be released this week — if not already …


Reporters write about their surroundings

Being a journalist can be a difficult task, working long hours to perfectly craft an article due by a quick deadline, choosing stories to write about that are engaging to the reader, and the overall …


A season for good deeds and community

It was a day for celebration and good deeds on Mitzvah Day at Temple Avodah in Oceanside on Oct. 30. Boxes were overflowing with donated good for various local charities, with coats going to Martin …

Veterans Day

Heroes given scholarship from Mount Sinai

In honor of Veterans Day, Mount Sinai South Nassau presented the hospital’s Employee Veteran’s Scholarships to four staff members who served in the military and are continuing their …


Pure in spirit Diane Januszewski died at 87

Diane Januszewski, known for limitless love and kindness, as a beloved Lynbrook teacher and devoted mother and grandmother has passed at 87 years old on Oct. 21, 2022; she was born March 8, 1935. She …

Randi Kreiss

Thankful, mindful and watchful this holiday

The midterm elections proved that you can’t put lipstick on a pig. Well, maybe you can try, but eventually folks will see through the cover-up.


The power of concession

You’ve likely never heard the name William Jennings Bryan, as he’s not among those regularly talked about in history books. But his contribution to democracy . . .

Jerry Kremer

Time to throw out the political trash

Happily, the midterm elections are behind us. They were, at best, stressful, and overall they were ugly.