General David Petraeus discusses new book 'Conflict: The Evolution of Warfare from 1945 to Ukraine'

Hundreds gathered at Congregation L’Dor V’Dor on Monday evening to hear one of the most impactful military minds of the modern world, talk about his new book, and the history and progress of …

Sea Cliff Civic Association rings in the new year

The Sea Cliff Civic Association led the village into 2024 with a series of events on New Year’s Eve. For families with younger children they held their annual Duck Hunt, spending the morning …

At Westbury dealership, importance of becoming an organ donor is stressed

At a Westbury car dealership last week, Matt Carlson, Rallye BMW’s general manager, was able to tell his friends and colleagues that he’d be receiving the gift of life — a new …

Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor rocks the mic for the environment at Still Partners in Sea Cliff

Sea Cliff residents welcomed in the New Year with a unique twist, as the Coalition to Save Hempstead Harbor hosted its annual “Karaoke for a Cause” event at Still Partners. The event has …

Tom Suozzi has a plan for immigration

Former Congressman Tom Suozzi, who is hoping to recapture his seat in the House of Representatives, says he’s frustrated the federal government isn’t addressing the national immigration …

Supporting Sea Cliff’s arts and businesses at the Merry Makers Holiday Market

Holiday cheer was in the air at the Merry Makers Holiday Market at St. Luke’s Parish and Community Hall in Sea Cliff. Organized by the Sea Cliff Arts Council and the Gold Coast Business …

Believing that ‘in a crisis there are angels’

A story of addiction in East Norwich

Kevin O’Neill had successfully stopped his older brother Jack from buying cocaine from his dealer in the fall of 2020. But then Jack tried Percocet, and became addicted. The brothers were …


We must act like we own this democracy

When I was in prison for my nonviolent anti-nuclear actions, one of my disciplines was to write something for publication every day — a letter to the editor, an opinion piece, a book review, or even mediocre poetry. One hundred percent of my writing was in opposition to nuclear weapons.


We must impeach Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas

The United States is at a crossroads. For too long, leaders at all levels of government have turned a blind eye to the crisis unfolding on our southern border. Indeed, that porous border has fueled both a national drug crisis and a migrant crisis, which threaten to undermine the safety of Americans in communities across the country.


Here’s what I’m focused on in Mineola

I’m occasionally asked a puzzling question by some people in political circles. What, they ask, do people in the Five Towns want from us in government. I respond, of course, that Five Towns residents want the very same things that everyone else, in every other neighborhood, wants and needs. They want their public officials to provide, above all, safety for their families. They want good schools, clean streets, good roads and an efficient, well-run government that keeps taxes as low as possible.


Surviving, and thriving, after breast cancer

Twenty years ago, I became one of the more than 4 million women in America who are breast cancer survivors.