Elmont swears in second interim superintendent this year

Kenneth Card was sworn in as the Elmont school district’s second interim superintendent this academic year on Feb. 6, a day after Al Harper’s resignation became effective.

Elmont activists protest NICE bus system deficiencies

The advocates from the Elmont Cultural Center met up with Legislator Carrié Solages Feb. 8 for a ride along to protest deficiencies in the Nassau Inter County Express bus system. Chief complaints of the ECC are the lack of connections between different parts of town, lack of frequency of the buses, lack of bus shelters and the lack of affordability of taxis to replace them.

St. Catherine’s girls basketball team hungry for next year’s CYO championship

The St. Catherine’s fifth grade girls’ basketball team of Franklin Square, led by Coach Jeane-Marie Zarzycki, took on the St. Francis-Dunn team of Wantagh for the Catholic Youth Organization championship title on Feb. 10.

Tiffany Wong to be honored by BOCES

Tiffany Wong, a senior at Elmont Memorial High School, goes above and beyond with her community service in Elmont. The 17-year-old tutors seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade math students, gives …

Kindergarteners get up close and personal with dino fossils

Students at Franklin Square’s John Street School learned about dinosaurs during math and science experience week with hands-on activities and experiments.


It’s Library Lovers Month — borrow a book

I read “Lady Chatterley’s Lover,” my first banned book, when I was 12. My friend lent me the book, and I found the good parts by the dog-eared pages. The experience did not compromise my moral compass or corrupt me in any way I can discern. I am not recommending the book for today’s 12-year-olds, because it’s a pretty boring read, but I am advocating that a broad spectrum of books be available to students who choose to read them.


A journey of the heart

February is American Heart Month, and this is a story about my heart — literally and figuratively. It’s the reason I am where I am today.


Thank you for the snow day

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been getting a lot of something we haven’t seen much of over the past couple of years: snow. So much, in fact, that schools in our communities had no choice but to close. And because of that, we have just one thing to say to our school districts in Nassau County: Thank you for the snow day.


The governor’s budget cuts threaten local roads

How many potholes do you swerve to avoid during your daily commute to work, school, the grocery store or a family or friend’s house? How many times have you yelled in anger in your car for someone to “Fix the roads!”? At a time when our communities are grappling with numerous challenges, the proposed state Executive Budget’s significant decrease in the Consolidated Local Street and Highway Improvement Program, also known as CHIPS, demands immediate attention, or the shouting at potholes will get worse.