Arrests for underage alcohol sales in Elmont, Franklin Square, North Valley Stream

Three clerks and one business owner were arrested for allegedly selling alcohol and tobacco products to minors in an undercover investigation on Jan. 16. The spate of arrests is part of the “Project …

Elmont girl, 10, gives back through her own nonprofit

At 10 years old, Selene Ferdinand of Elmont is already compiling quite the résumé. A student at Dutch Broadway Elementary School, Selene is giving back to her community through her own nonprofit …


Churches need to see more of the faithful

Religious institutions have been under significant financial strain in recent years. Churches and synagogues have been sold, congregations scattered or merged with other communities, staff cut.


Hurricane Ian is another sign of things to come

Hurricanes are the world’s costliest natural disasters, and they’re intensifying because of climate change. Eighty-five percent of all hurricane damage . . .

Randi Kreiss

There’s no escaping the division, in every arena

Why do you have to make everything a political issue? some readers ask, and then they sign off with, “[Expletive] Biden!”


The battle against antisemitism continues

With the Jewish High Holy Days and Yom Kippur behind us, we in the Jewish community look forward to all that is to come in the new year, 5783 on the Hebrew calendar.