Bags of school supplies given out to students last month


Over 100 students received backpacks and supplies just in time for the new school year.

The Fellowship Center hosted their annual Back to School Giveaway before the school year started on September 5. This giveaway has started five years ago and according to Senior Pastor Tobias Hall, this event has been a success ever since. All of the fundraising and donations for this year’s giveaway was done completely through the Center.

“What we ended up doing is, we gave the students basic back to school supplies,” Hall said. “Such supplies included notebooks, binders, crayons, and other necessary supplies for going back to school.”

The members of the church donated by either giving money to the church or physically donating the supplies. The church also purchases the supplies they need for this giveaway. The Center started collecting supplies in July and then hosted the giveaway in late August, a week before school started.

“This event is one of our four signature events that we do at the church,” Hall said. “This is something that we’ve done since we’ve moved into this community.”

Hall mentioned that he feels like it is the fellowship’s responsibility as a faith-based organization to support the family and children in the community. Over the past few years, Hall really felt like he was able to do that with this giveaway, as well as help families struggle financially.

“We enjoy doing this and it’s something that we will never stop doing as long as we’re here,” Hall said about helping the community.

As a Senior Pastor, Hall said that he wants the church to not only be a spiritual resource for the community, but also a practical resource. He wants people in the community to feel spiritually, physically, economically, and socially supported by the church.

“We’re honored to be able to be this resource,” Hall said. “And we look forward to continue to support the community in this capacity.”