Baldwin High School named to 2023 AP School Honor Roll


For the first time, Baldwin High School has been designated with ”Silver with Access” as the 2023 Advanced Placement Honor Roll recipient for optimizing college readiness and broadening student access through AP classes.

Of the 15,150 eligible schools in the United States and Canada, including public, private, and charter schools, only 4,570 earned a place on the 2023 AP School Honor Roll, which represent 30 percent of eligible high schools. Additionally, Baldwin High School was among the 1,770 that also received the AP Access Award, demonstrating a clear and effective commitment to equitable access to advanced coursework.

Research shows students who take AP courses and exams are more likely to attend college and graduate on time. The students who enter four-year colleges with credit from AP accelerate their path to graduation and build confidence for college success. Even for those who don’t earn college credit, AP coursework provides early exposure to college-level work and contributes to a college-going school culture. In addition to AP courses, the Baldwin School District offers more than 30 dual enrollment courses through colleges and universities, including a partnership with Nassau Community College. Baldwin High School’s current graduation rate is 99 percent.

“This recognition is a testament to the district’s commitment to excellence in education and developing a robust curriculum and academic programs that allow students to graduate ‘future ready,’” Shari Camhi, superintendent of schools for the Baldwin Union Free School District, said. “Not only is this a source of pride for Baldwin schools but for the community, as well and is a direct result of the tireless efforts of our high school and district administration. Congratulations to our administrators, faculty, students, and families on this outstanding achievement!”

The AP School Honor Roll values schools whose AP programs are delivering results for students while broadening access. Schools can earn this recognition annually based on criteria that reflect a commitment to increasing college-going culture, providing opportunities for students to earn college credit and maximizing college readiness.

To be recognized, 40 percent of a school’s graduating cohort must have taken at least one AP exam during high school; 25 percent or more of the graduating cohort must have scored a three or higher on at least one AP exam; and two percent or more of the graduating cohort must have taken five or more AP exams during high school, with at least one of those exams taken in ninth or tenth grade. There are four levels of distinction: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Schools may also earn the AP Access Award if the percentage of AP exam takers who are underrepresented minority and/or low-income students mirrors the school’s overall student demographics.

The AP School Honor Roll represents a broad range of high schools from across the United States and Canada, including private, public, and charter schools; large and small student bodies; rural and urban populations; and specialized high schools, along with generalized programs.