New York Fit Fest returns Sunday

Classes will only be on the rooftop of the Allegria Hotel in Long Beach


New York Fit Fest is returning to Long Beach for a day of self-care on Sunday, Sept. 25. The one-of-a-kind fitness and wellness experience, for the first time, will now only be on the roof of the Allegria Hotel.

The day will be held entirely on the rooftop of the hotel with several classes kicking off every 20 minutes, starting at 9 am. There will be world-renowned athletes, beauty and nutrition experts and celebrity trainers and over 20 classes and discussion panels, shopping, music and workshops.

NY Fit Fest vendors, sponsors, and instructors were hand-picked for their reputations of excellence, according to the co-founders. Whether it be yoga, meditation, stand-up pool yoga, booty boot camp, kickboxing, Zumba, soul sculpting, TRX, barre class, or learning the latest Tiktok dance, there is something for all fitness levels.

Co-Founders Ingrid Dodd and Colette Lee Morales say their mission is to unite all kinds of people, with all different fitness levels, to discover something new that lights their souls on fire.

The mission of the festival is to help people who may not normally head to a gym or spa to be enlightened with a memorable experience while creating new and supportive friendships, they said. Uniting people through fitness and wellness is a powerful movement that has become more important than ever for the entire population.

Massages, vitamin drips and oceanfront stretches will also be offered for those looking for something to do other than classes.