Representative Rice secures school funding


In the last days serving as a congresswoman, Democrat Kathleen Rice  secured over $3 million in funding for the Baldwin School District.

Rice announced that over $15 million in Community Project Funding was been included in the Fiscal Year 2023 omnibus government funding package, which passed the House by a vote of 225-201. Amanda Walsh, a spokeswoman for the representative’s office said this funding responds directly to some of the most pressing needs in New York’s Fourth District.

“As one of my final acts in Congress, I am proud to have secured more than $15 million in Community Project Funding that meets long-overdue community needs in New York’s 4th District,” said Rice. “These investments protect our drinking water, expand vital safety net services delivered by local nonprofits, address the mental health and substance use crises, and provide critical job training for Long Islanders. I look forward to President Biden signing this into law.”

Rice was responsible for securing funding for 15 projects that in New York’s 4th District. The bill includes $3 million for social and emotional learning programs within the Baldwin school district.

“The Baldwin School District is enormously grateful to Congresswoman Rice for her commitment to our community, students, and faculty,” said Shari Camhi, superintendent of the school district. “The allocation of $3 million in support of mental wellness services is exceptional and will go a long way to ensure the emotional well-being and continued success of our Baldwin students and community.”

The remaining $12 million in funding will be split among 14 other projects and initiatives like funding for the Cradle of Aviation Museum or the $5 million allocated for the East Meadow Dioxane Mitigation Project.

“This is wonderful news,” said Executive Director of Citizens Campaign for the Environment Adrienne Esposito. “The public needs and deserves clean drinking water. The toxic chemical 1,4 dioxane is not only carcinogenic but is also very difficult and expensive to filter out of drinking water. This substantial federal grant will not only provide clean water, but also keep water affordable by alleviating the financial burden to residents.”

The Cradle of Aviation Museum was awarded 75 thousand in funding to promote STEM education in the museum. Andrew Parton, president of the Cradle of Aviation Museum said he’s, “thrilled to be receiving this support from Congresswoman Kathleen Rice. He added, “Congresswoman Rice has been a constant supporter of our efforts to provide educational programs to all of Long Island.”

Thersea Sanders, president of the Urban League of Long Island, said this bill, which secured over $1.1 million for the organization, would have lasting affects on residents living in the district. She said constituents would now have the resources to empower those in need of life skills and workforce training to obtain jobs that close income disparities in low to moderate-income communities. 

“On behalf of the Urban League, I would like to Thank Rep. Rice and Senator Schumer for their years of partnership and ability to secure this funding,” said Sanders.

The Marion & Aaron Gural JCC and The Inn, or Interfaith Nutrition Network, Inc were also awarded funding in the bill. Cathy Byrne, associate executive director of the Marion & Aaron Gural JCC, said she is incredibly grateful to Congresswoman Kathleen Rice for, “securing the much needed funds that will enable us to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health illness and educate our community on the warning signs and symptoms of mental illness,” 

“During the time of year when miracles are known to happen, The INN is so thankful to receive this wonderful news,” said Jean Kelly, executive director of the INN. “It will help make possible the much needed expansion of our services for hungry and homeless Long Islanders.”