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An act of kindness from an East Meadow jeweler


Lucas Cianci, a 9-year old East Meadow resident, was playing baseball recently when he lost his cross necklace. A few days after, his mother Lisa Cianci posted in a community Facebook group, called “East Meadow Moms and Dads Group,” to see if anyone had found it.

Cianci’s post gained traction and she was eventually privately messaged by James Sanicola, the owner of RenaMarie Jewelers in East Meadow. “I have never met him or been to his store,” Lisa said, explaining that “out of the kindness of his heart” Sanicola helped Lucas find the exact cross and chain in his store and replaced it, free of charge.

“Words can not express our gratitude,” Cianci said. “He not only replaced his cross, he taught my son that there are good people in this world. Thank you James and Renamarie Jewelers!”