From Turkey to Long Island, Merrick jeweler runs a gem of a business


It’s been 12 years since Jeff Kaspar brought Hislon from Turkey to Long Island. But the owner of Hislon Jewelers is finding plenty of success — in Merrick.

No longer producing his renowned Hislon Watches, Kaspar’s new store is the rebirth of a family legacy, and an homage to a century-long lineage of artisan jewelers that moved from Bellmore to Merrick into an enhanced showroom.

“We want to continue our quality service and our close relationship with our returning customers as the business continues to grow and thrive with the support of new and loyal customers,” said Adrien Ricci, Hislon’s business and marketing manager, and Kaspar’s wife.

Jewelry runs within the blood of this family. Some might even go as far to say they are partially made of gold. Kaspar’s father, grandfather — Roje Hisarli — and great-grandfather, Leon Hisarli, have been in the business for decades, making Hislon Watches a well-known name across Europe.

By the 1960s, Hislon was worn among both younger and older generations because of the fine craftsmanship and alluring detail.

When Roje died in 1998, an Istanbul magazine published an obituary sharing the great sorrow Turkey felt in losing a true watchmaker who played a crucial role in bringing up the watch and jewelry industry within their communities.

Now, Kaspar shares his family tradition that blossomed in Europe by planting roots here and continuing the timeless craft of watchmaking as well as designing and selling jewelry on Long Island.

Kaspar enjoys repurposing jewelry and creating something new from a precious item. He also likes to restore jewelry to its former glory, and of course, being part of the process of finding the perfect piece.

“Jeff adores designing engagement rings and being part of the couple’s special moment,” Ricci said. “It creates a lifelong connection with the store.”

Hislon Jewelers offers on-site ear piercing, jewelry repairs and professional engraving at its  2164 Merrick Road location. It also provides a wide variety of watch brands — Kaspar’s second love — and is the only private jewelry store to be an authorized Pandora retailer.

Fine jewelry includes sterling silver, yellow and white gold, gemstones, beyond diamonds, and of course, diamonds.
Just as the Hisarli family grew to be a part of their community by becoming a common icon — laid on the wrist of generations of people in Turkey, Switzerland and across Europe — Kaspar knew that establishing a connection with the locals is an important part of the business.

“We hope that this continues to be a family business and would like to create a strong foundation with the community,” Ricci said. “We get a lot of value in that and creating deep roots with Merrick and hope to become the ‘got-to’ jewelers on the South Shore.”

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