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It’s all happening at Brandeis in Lawrence


The Brandeis School in Lawrence had its students all in with three diverse activities.

All students, grades N3 to eighth, took part in a school-wide science fair. The students produced a wide array of hands-on projects and experiments, showcased their findings and saw what their peers created as well.

On May 26, the school marched in the Lawrence-Cedarhurst Memorial Day Parade to honor the memories of soldiers who died to preserve this nation’s freedom.

In Aubrey Bieber’s eighth-grade literacy class the students learned about diversity as they exchanged pen pal letters with peers in Salt Lake City in Utah. The Brandeis students remarked on what they gained from the experience.

“I learned that people who may live somewhere different or who have different backgrounds are still very similar to us,” Gabe Lerner said.

“I learned we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover,” Alexa Brandsdorfer said. “When we first found out about this assignment we started judging them, but after realized they’re just like us.”

“I learned that we can make a friend from anywhere with just a few sentences,” Shoshana Schebovitz said.

“The thing I got out of this assignment was to respect people no matter where they come from,” Jace Apter said.

“Personally, I believe I made a new friend out of this,” Bailey Kahn said. “I had a lot of fun answering her questions.”