Promoting disability awareness at Bowling Green Elementary School


In recognition of Disability Awareness Day, the Viscardi Ambassadors from the Henry Viscardi School visited fifth graders at Bowling Green Elementary School in East Meadow on Jan. 18.

The Viscardi Ambassadors are comprised of boys and girls of different ages, grade levels and hometowns. Their visits are aimed to break down the barriers that exist between the able-bodied world and those with physical challenges.

The ambassadors are a club of students that visit area schools and talk about their lives as disabled people, their likes and dislikes, and what it means to be a student at the Henry Viscardi School. Viscardi Ambassadors was created in 2008 as a community based club that gives these educational opportunities to students outside Viscardi walls.

The ambassadors created presentations about their lives, including their interests, disabilities, family lives and experiences at Viscardi.