Atlantic Beach Rescue prepares for the summer season


As the summer season begins in Atlantic Beach, so does the training season for Atlantic Beach Rescue’s Water Team. As the resident population triples on sunny weekends, team members prepare for any situation by running drills for surf, offshore and beach rescues. The water team conducted jetty drills on June 29.

To be a continuing member of the Water Team, they have to succeed in an annual International Association of Dive Rescue swim test, complete the United States Coast Guard boat operators class and pass the general New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service Water Rescue Awareness class.

Rescue Swimmers on the team must be either Nassau County certified Ocean Life Guards or have finished the NYS OFPC Rescue Tech Class. They can also be certified as Professional Association of Diving Instructors Rescue Swimmers or the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s equivalent to the same level.

Atlantic Beach Rescue trains with FDNY, Nassau County fire departments and the U.S. Coast to help ensure they can respond to an emergency as efficiently as possible.