Two fires in the Five Towns, again


Five Towns fire departments were called into action for two fires on the same day, again.

At 299 Rockaway Turnpike, at least three departments — Lawrence-Cedarhurst, Inwood and Woodmere — responded to a fire at a warehouse in Lawrence after 10 a.m. on Nov. 13.

Two hours later the same departments responded to a blaze at 437 Arbuckle Ave. in Cedarhurst. That garage fire scorched several nearby house

Fire officials said both fires were under control within an hour and there were no injuries.

The Nassau County Fire Marsahal is looking at the lithium-ion battery of an e-bike as the possible cause of the fire, but no official determination has yet to be made. 

Two fires also struck the Five Towns on Oct. 24 as there was a fire involving a Sanitary District 1 garbage truck in Hewlett and a house fire at 49 Columbia Ave., also in Cedarhurst.