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Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst and Woodmere checking shoppers temperatures at entrances


With the increasing number of coronavirus cases in the Five Towns, Gourmet Glatt is taking extra safety precautions at their stores in Woodmere and Cedarhurst.

Security guards stationed at the front of the kosher supermarkets at 137 Spruce St. in Cedarhurst and 1030 Railroad Ave. in Woodmere will be checking shoppers temperatures with a non-contact thermal temperature gun prior to entering the store.

Store manager at the Cedarhurst store, Ash Cohn, explained the process. "We usaully have security at our stores, but now we have the guards checking thermal temperatures and controlling the amount the amount of people in the store at one time," Cohn said. "We're limiting the stores to 50 shoppers at a time." 

Seasons kosher supermarket at 330 Central Ave. in Lawrence is following similar safety protocols. They are only allowing a maximum of 40 people in the store at one time.

They further explained their protocols on their Facebook page. "One healthy person per family, showing no signs of illness, will be allowed to enter. Children will not be allowed to enter the store," they wrote on March 23. "We are providing gloves and wipes and we have multiple hand sanitizing stations throughout the store."

Cohn said that Gourmet Glatt's main priority is to make it a comfortable environment for shoppers. "All our employees are wearing masks and gloves," he said. "Obviously everybody is scared at a time like this, but we're trying our best to make our stores a safe and healthy environment for shoppers."