Hewlett resident elected president of the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association


A dedicated community volunteer who is a leader in the Hewlett Junior Fire Department was elected president of the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association, as Hewlett resident Jared Glassman moved into the position earlier than expected because the previous president vacated the post.

Glassman, 16, a rising senior at Hewlett High School and a captain with the Hewlett Junior Fire Department, who also focuses on his academics and his continuing love for the school’s band program, said he is primed for both roles.

“Participating in weekly drills for fire and EMS (Emergency Medical Services), going to meetings, attending local community service events prepares me so when I am 18, I can become real firefighter,” he said. “When there is a fire, I can be voice of reassurance, and I can provide support and be a calming sense during peoples’ tough times.”

Glassman became involved in the Hewlett department early eighth grade when a neighbor thought he would be a good fit for the junior fire department. “She sent me to a meeting with her son and I have fallen in love with it ever since,” he said.

His pride in his civic service is evident especially when he wears his fire department T-shirt because he understands the value the fire department holds in his community.

“It is an honor to give back to my community every day, over the years I have adopted a responsibility and I am aware that people look to us on the worst day of their lives,” Glassman said. “When I am out in public, and I am wearing a fire department T-shirt I am cognizant of the way I am seen because I understand I am an asset in the community and I take that very seriously,” Glassman said.

He is embracing his new role as president of the Nassau County Junior Firefighters Association and is ready to continue to build culture. “I want to make it more appealing, and get more people involved,” Glassman said. “I want us to change and create a friendly environment where everyone can get to know each other and share our ideas without judgment.”

His mother, Claire, has supported her son’s passion and is extremely proud of his accomplishments. She thinks that serving in the local fire department and being part of similar organizations are things teenagers should be exposed to.

“I think every child should be given the opportunity to see if it something for them,” Claire said. “They are mentored by professionals within the community. It is a culture of kids who hang out together, share common values and ultimately will be safe on the weekends.”

Glassman said he embraces a new journey in his life and recognizes he would not be at the same place without being a junior firefighter. “The Hewlett Junior Fire Department has opened so many doors for me,” he said. “It is such an amazing experience it has absolutely changed the trajectory of my life. I encourage all parents and kids that are reading this to get involved."

To join or for more information on the Hewlett Junior Firefighters, go to https://www.hewlettfd.org/.