Meet City Councilman Grady Farnan


The Glen Cove City Council has a new member — Grady Farnan. The 61-year-old was chosen to fill the seat vacated a month and a half ago after the departure of Joseph Capobianco, who was elected the city’s judge in November. Retired Glen Cove Judge Richard J. McCord swore Farnan in on Feb. 14 after the council’s meeting.

Farnan, a lifelong resident of the city, said he could never imagine living anywhere else. 

“After my wife and I settled in Glen Cove we didn’t want to move out because of the diverse district,” Farnan said. “A lot of our friends and family were still living in the area too.”

A 1980 Glen Cove High School graduate, Farnan attended Adelphi University, earning a bachelor’s in business administration with a minor in finance. Since then, Farnan built a career in insurance, allowing him to cultivate problem-solving skills.

Longtime Glen Cove residents have likely heard the Farnan name around the city. His father, Ben Farnan, a Glen Cove native who served in World War II and the Korean War. The elder Farnan became the Glen Cove Commissioner of Public Safety in the ‘70s. He then became a teacher at the Glenwood Landing Elementary School. He’s been recognized for his athleticism in the city’s Hall of Fame.

Much like his father, Grady has dedicated much of his time to the community. In 1993, Farnan became co-founder, chairman and treasurer of the Glen Cove Junior Lacrosse League and its scholarship committee. Since then, Farnan has helped arrange for lacrosse players to be part of the city’s Memorial Day parade.

While working at Liberty Mutual Insurance, Farnan met his future wife, Camille Amodeo. Together, they raised their three c h i l d r e n who attended the city’s schools. Their eldest daughter Remi, 28, is a project manager for a construction company based out of Manhattan. Gillian, 26, works in the student services activity department at Stony Brook University and Shelbie, 24, works as a lab technician in Nassau that is partnered with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

The Farnans are also deeply involved with St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church. Farnan has been the church’s head usher for 20 years, and Camille is a member of the Columbiettes.

Mayor Pamela Panzenbeck has known the Farnans a long time, having taught the children religious education. “He’s just a real old fashioned neighborhood guy that watches out for his neighbors,” Panzenbeck said.

His commitment to the community inspired him to run for City Council in 2003 and 2007. Though he was unsuccessful, in his 2003 campaign he lost by a close margin. This prompted him to help his community in another way.

In 2009, Farnan was elected to the Glen Cove City School District Board of Education, where he served two terms. As a father of three children in the district at the time, Farnan wanted to ensure that students had the opportunity to pursue higher education. His background in insurance was a plus as he wanted to help the district make well-informed decisions about insurance carriers and construction contracts.

Currently Farnan works with Utica National Insurance Group as a property specialist where he reviews commercial coverage and directs independent field adjusters. He’s also in his second year serving on the city’s Industrial Development Agency, where he’s able to use his insurance background to provide insight to the agency.

Farnan said he wants to continually gauge what the community needs by asking questions. His experience in insurance will help him to understand the many financial layers and emotions that impacts structuring budgets. He wants to continually gauge what the community needs by asking questions. His experience in insurance will help him to understand the many financial layers and emotions that impacts structuring budgets. He wants to do what’s best for residents. 

McCord said that the new councilman is the type of person who will have strongbeliefs, but won’t let disagreements interfere with the way he treats or works with others.

“I am confident that he’ll do everything he can to work with the other council members and the mayor to do what’s best for the people of Glen Cove,” McCord said. the people of Glen Cove,” McCord said.

City Councilwoman Barbara Peebles knows Farnan through their volunteerism at the church. Peebles said she’s seen his honesty and dedication to the community.

“I think it’s exciting having someone of his caliber sitting on the dais right now with us,” Peebles said.