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Spirit is high as students settle in at Hewlett High


After a restful and relaxing summer, students at Hewlett High School returned to school on Sept. 3. With balloon arches framing the doorways as well as blue and white decorations adorning the hallways, the students could feel the spirit in the air.

With many students having been back at school already for preseason practices, and the freshmen having attended the orientation program called Freshmen Focus, the school year was already under way before students walked into school on Tuesday. But now, with classes in session and clubs picking up, the school year has officially begun.

A tradition that began last year of holding a raffle for gift cards to local lunch spots continued this year. Entering Hewlett High, the Student Council greeted students with pens, pencils, and a raffle ticket. Raffles were announced throughout the school day, which created an environment of excitement, anticipating the raffle winners.

A new tradition was introduced this year as well. Seniors were welcomed back with the first-ever Senior Sunrise Breakfast. Organized by the Parent Teacher Association, seniors were able to catch up with their friends and celebrate the beginning of this exciting year.

“Seeing the grade all together before our first day was a great way to start the school year,” Senior Danna Kutchr said, “My last first day couldn’t have been any better!”

With Pep Rally and Homecoming just two weeks away (Sept. 20 and 21, respectively), the school spirit is palpable. Students are already looking forward to Spirit Week, which is the week of Homecoming.

Themes this year include Pajama Day, Luau Day, and School Spirit Day. All of the sports teams have been working tirelessly to prepare for the arduous games and matches that they have coming up in the coming weeks, culminating with the varsity football game vs. Lawrence High School at Homecoming.