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Hewlett Happenings

Sporting a passion could spur future success


On Jan. 2, Hewlett High School students and teachers returned to school with their New Years’ resolutions in mind, after what felt like (and always seems to feels like) too short of a vacation. Everyone got back into the swing of things quite quickly. With midterms coming up during the week of Jan. 22 to 25, teachers resumed instruction promptly in order to prepare students for the upcoming exams.

Hewlett High’s athletics resumed immediately as well. The most notable of the athletic events in the first week back at school was the Jan. 3 boys’ varsity basketball game against South Side High School. Hewlett defeated South Side 61 to 59. After leading the entire first half, the second half turned into a nail-biter. Hewlett lost the lead in the final quarter. Junior Brett Karkus nailed a three-pointer to win the game for the Bulldogs.

The varsity girls’ basketball team is battling for a playoff berth and Hewlett’s other winter sports teams, wrestling, gymnastics, bowling, boys’ swimming, fencing and track are also doing well.

With the return to school, juniors are starting to think about college applications. On Jan. 15 at 7:30, the high school’s Guidance Department will host Junior College/Career Night. Topics range from how to start talking about college, how to decide what type of college students would be interested in and how to start the application process. Surely, a lot of the juniors’ resolutions for 2019 include preparation for college. Whether it be developing closer relationships with teachers, focusing on improving their grades, joining new clubs, achieving their goal score on the SAT or ACT, or even reaching out to a new friend, there is no shortage of potential resolutions for the junior class.

While the juniors are just beginning this process, the seniors are recovering from the college application process. While it may seem that the seniors are stress-free at the moment, as they no longer have to worry about the application process, nearly the entire senior class is still awaiting acceptance letters. The seniors are busy trying to savor their last few months of high school, while managing their workloads. We wish the seniors the best of luck in the remainder of their college application process and the juniors the best of luck in the beginning of theirs.

The freshmen and sophomores still have plenty of time to enjoy what Hewlett High School has to offer before worrying about the next steps in their educational careers; however, Hewlett High surely prepares students at an early age to begin thinking about college.

Beginning at Freshmen Focus, the freshmen orientation, students are told to pursue their interests but be sure to keep in mind that their choices of clubs and classes in high school contribute to the college application, which is years ahead of where they are.