Swastikas in Woodmere Middle School boys’ bathroom


Students at Woodmere Middle School alerted school officials to a pair of swastikas that were found in a boys’ bathroom on March 14 and 16, Hewlett-Woodmere district officials said.

In a letter sent to the parents and guardians of students on Thursday, Al Bauer, the school’s principal, said that the Nassau County police were contacted and the school and police “are working collaboratively” to decide on the next steps in the investigation.

“Please know that we take incidents such as this very seriously and immediately implemented interventions after a symbol of hate was found on Tuesday,” Bauer stated, adding that earlier in the week counselor and the middle school social worker spoke about “tolerance and acceptance during recesses for all grade levels.”

In the next two weeks, Bauer said that all students in the school — sixth, seventh and eighth grades — will attended assemblies that will have a Holocaust survivor as a guest speaker — “who will underscore our commitment to respecting all individuals and celebrating diversity,” Bauer wrote.

Police officers from the 4th Precinct, which is in Hewlett, will speak with students regarding the seriousness of actions like these.

Bauer said the school will continue to educate its students, but urged parents to be a willing partner.

“It is imperative that you collaborate with us and speak with your child about tolerance, acceptance, and defacing school property with abhorrent messages and symbols,” he stated. “Should the responsible individual or individuals be found, swift and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.”

Two swastikas were etched on a metal plate in a hallway of Lawrence Elementary School at the Broadway Campus in Lawrence last March.