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Hewlett Happenings

Thinking of break time, Cabaret Night and hosting the Danes


The four full weeks of school between Thanksgiving and December break are often the most difficult and strenuous weeks of the year for Hewlett High School students. With multiple tests in each subject and no days off, students are working harder than ever, making them very deserving of the coming vacation. With lots of holiday spirit in the air, the week after Thanksgiving was filled with lots of activities.

Hewlett students were also met with some exciting news this week: the Hewlett-Woodmere School District has implemented a plan for delayed openings to accommodate inclement weather. The students are excited about this new plan, but are concerned that it will interfere with their hopes to have several snow days this school year.

The most popular topic of discussion in the past few weeks at Hewlett High is Cabaret Night. The event raises money for pediatric cancer in memory of Laura Rosenberg, a Hewlett student who died from pediatric cancer. The event showcases students’ musical, dramatic and comedic talent, in the band, vocal, dance and comedy sections of the show.

Cabaret Night is coordinated by an executive board of the Cabaret Night Club, which oversees the advertising, planning, scheduling and fundraising. Club officers work very closely with the Rosenberg family to achieve the Cabaret Night mission. As of press time, it was unclear if the event will take place as there is no faculty adviser to support the students to produce an entertaining show. The students and administration are trying to explore all avenues in an effort to hold Cabaret Night.

Annually, the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams at Hewlett High School host a team from Denmark. The team arrived on Nov. 28. The Danish players were each paired with a Hewlett basketball player. They went to all of their Hewlett player’s classes, ate lunch with them and took part in a scrimmage against the Hewlett teams. The teams also ate dinner together at the high school. That night, Hewlett players hosted the Danish players. This unique program allows the players to create special bonds with players from a foreign country over their common love for basketball.

With the holiday break approaching, students are pushing themselves to their limits in order to maintain their grades up and perform well on the winter sports teams. The winter season is in its infancy, but our student athletes are motivated to take their teams to the top. Student Council is also planning to decorate the hallways with a winter theme in order to boost school spirit and excite the student body about the school’s athletic teams. We wish all of our Hewlett High athletes and fellow students the best of luck in the upcoming weeks competing and in their academic endeavors.