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Veterans help kids design Valentine’s Day cards


“I still have a Valentine that I got from a little, 12-year-old girl from Chicago,” he said. “These things mean a lot to us, and we’re glad that our district always thinks about us.”

Assistant Principal Cynthia Cameron said that the school usually puts together events for Veterans Day and Memorial Day, but having the students work along side their local veterans makes a larger impact. “It makes the kids feel closer to their veterans,” she said. “And these guys are always stressing the importance of school and education.”

It was Carlucci who brought the point home when he gave the students advice, something he likes to do since his work at Post 1033 lets him work with the community. “You need good grades to succeed and survive in these changing times, but don’t be afraid of it,” he said. “It’s okay to go with the flow of change as long as you’re prepared.”

The veterans will deliver the student’s Valentine’s cards to vets in local nursing homes and hospitals.