Freeport celebrates National Day of Prayer


Residents, alongside clergy, elected officials, and representatives from governmental agencies, police, and fire departments, gathered at Village Hall on Thursday, May 2, for the National Day of Prayer ceremony.

Clergy members from various denominations across Freeport convened to offer blessings and prayers for Mayor Robert Kennedy, board trustees, the Freeport Chamber of Commerce, local businesses, government officials, and first responders. The event featured musical performances by the Freeport Christian Academy.

Following prayers led by Pastor Jose Liz of Freeport Bible Center, Mayor Kennedy expressed gratitude to Pastor Phil Prestamo of The Cornerstone Church for coordinating the event and to all the clergy for their participation in the monthly meetings.

“I extend my sincere thanks to Pastor Phil Prestamo for spearheading this gathering,” Mayor Kennedy addressed the attendees, including the clergy members who regularly engage in monthly discussions with him to address community needs. “I am committed to maintaining our strong relationship with the clergy, whose support has been invaluable to myself, the administration, and our residents.”

Among the clergy present were The Rev. Dr. Zorina Costello from Bethel AME Church and also Principal Denise Pannucci from FCA, who serves as a pastor at Freeport Bible Center; The Rev. Robert Dawley of Freeport Community Church, who serves as a chaplain for the Freeport Fire Department; Lt. Miguel Orrego representing the Freeport Chapter of the Salvation Army; The Rev. Dr. Harold Banarsee from Church of God of Freeport; and Pastor Carlos Sorto from The Reborn Christian Center of Freeport.