Freeport-Merrick Rotary Club leads effort to provide essentials for veterans


Rotary clubs from various locations came together for a day of service dedicated to supporting homeless veterans on May 20.

One of the events was sponsored by the Freeport-Merrick Rotary Club and took place at Freeport High School where volunteers gathered to bag essential items such as towels, t-shirts, underwear, and socks. The purpose was to provide these items to homeless veterans in need of general services.

The event garnered community attention and support, with residents encouraged to donate to the cause. Legislative Debra Mulé made an appearance to show support at the beginning of the event. Despite the rainy weather, people still turned out to contribute, donating goods and lending their assistance in sorting and packing the donations.

Volunteers from Rotary clubs, including American Rotary and Hempstead Union, were present at the event. Additionally, members of the Interact Club, a high school club affiliated with Rotary, also participated.

Together, they managed to pack around 300 bags filled with essential items. The significance of this event to the community cannot be overstated as the Rotary Day of Service aimed to rally support for veterans throughout the day. Similar events were held in different locations across the Northeast, including Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Each event focused on supporting a local charity and providing assistance in various forms.

This day of service was not an isolated event but part of a broader initiative by Rotary clubs. They seek to organize more extensive, one-off events that bring volunteers together to make a significant impact in their communities. By partnering with local charities like General Needs, whose representatives have spoken at Rotary club meetings, they strive to extend a helping hand where it’s most needed.

In addition to the event at Freeport High School, the Rotary clubs have been actively involved in other charitable activities. They contributed to the American Dream Vision Carnival during Memorial Day weekend, providing essential items such as hand sanitizers and offering general support. Moreover, in April, they assisted high school students who couldn’t afford prom dresses or suits, making sure they could attend this memorable event.

Looking ahead, the Rotary clubs are committed to continuing their charitable endeavors. They have organized food drives, with club members collecting donations at their offices and later donating them to the Salvation Army. Additionally, they are currently involved in helping a young girl receive life-saving open-heart surgery through the Gift of Life program.

The Rotary community has demonstrated its dedication to service not only locally but also on a global scale. Rotarians have actively participated in earthquake relief efforts in Turkey earlier this year, providing supplies and assistance to the affected regions. Their commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those in need is truly commendable.