Freeport superintendent Kishore Kuncham will retire in August


Kishore Kuncham, renowned for his child-centered approach to education and transformative leadership as the superintendent of the Freeport school district said he will retire effective Aug. 20.

The school district's education board accepted his resignation on Dec. 6.

Kuncham has served the district for 30 years, including half that time as superintendent. School officials said that he will leave behind a legacy of innovation and devotion to education and the community.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation to Dr. Kuncham for his many years of service and dedication to the success of our students and our entire school district,” Board of Education President Maria Jordan-Awalom said in a news release.

“Our students have been the beneficiaries of your leadership and guidance,” she added. “The foundations for excellence that have been established will continue to be the cornerstones for our students’ future success.”

Throughout his career, Kuncham advocated for child-centered education, emphasizing holistic growth beyond academics. Under his guidance, the Freeport school district achieved unprecedented success with record-high graduation rates and world-class opportunities for students.

His leadership in science research programs, collaboration with prestigious institutions, and support for arts and athletics have garnered state-wide recognition. Kuncham also helped secured the district's stability, maintaining high bond ratings and consecutive tax levy decreases.

Beyond professional achievements, Kuncham's humanitarian efforts include annual peace concerts, peace marches, a 131-mile peace walk, and initiatives promoting health and wellness. The superintendent also provided over the construction of wellness centers designed to bolster student mental health.

His influence extends beyond the district, advocating for educational and fiscal equity on local and state levels. Kuncham's commitment to community service is evident in his roles with organizations such as Reform Educational Finance Inequities Today, the United Way of Long Island and the Nassau Community College Foundation.

His awards include the Association of School Business Officials International Eagle Award and Herald Person of the Year that highlighted Kuncham's contributions.

“Together, we have achieved remarkable milestones and have led our school district to thrive and excel in the past many years,” Kuncham. said in the release “Freeport Schools is unquestionably the most memorable, most rewarding and proudest accomplishment of all my professional experiences, spanning over 46 years in both public and private sectors of which 35 years were dedicated to public education”

Kuncham’s historic role as the first Indian-American school superintendent in the state leaves an indelible mark, embodying visionary leadership and unwavering commitment to education and the community, district officials noted.