Rec hosts annual Easter Eggstravaganza


The Freeport Recreation Center was abuzz with excitement last Sunday as families gathered to partake in the Easter Eggstravaganza, a lively event organized by Long Island Market Events.

In its second year running, the Eggstravaganza proved to be a hit among residents, offering a plethora of activities for attendees of all ages.

Harry Kritikos, head of Long Island Market Events and a Freeport resident himself, spearheaded the event with a vision to bring joy and entertainment to the community.

From free photo sessions with the Easter Bunny to enchanting face painting sessions and mesmerizing balloon animals, there was no shortage of fun-filled activities to engage in.

The presence of princesses hosting various portions of the event added an extra touch of magic, enchanting children and adults alike.

Notably, the event also incorporated a charitable aspect, with toys being distributed to children in need.

The generosity extended beyond the Easter Bunny’s gifts, as local vendors showcased their wares, including handmade soaps, crafts, and delicious desserts.

One standout feature of the event was the inclusion of a 12-year-old DJ, aptly named DJ Mastermind, who kept the atmosphere vibrant with his tunes, captivating the crowd with his talent and enthusiasm.

With an estimated attendance of around 1500 people, the Eggstravaganza was a resounding success, drawing families from Freeport and beyond.

The event’s location in Freeport was intentional, as Kritikos aimed to provide the community with top-notch entertainment close to home.

Reflecting on the event’s success, Kritikos expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to bring joy to the community, emphasizing his dedication to providing the best experiences for his grandchildren and all attendees.

“I think the children should get the most, the best and so (should) we,” said Kritikos regarding his motivation behind the event. “I love going to markets …I’ve been doing markets my whole life.”

As the sun set on the Eggstravaganza, leaving behind memories of laughter and merriment, Freeport residents eagerly anticipate next year’s event, knowing that it will be a highlight on the community calendar once again.