Will armed civilian deputies be of any help to Nassau County?

Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman's program to enlist civilians as provisional special deputy sheriffs during crises has sparked controversy, with supporters emphasizing enhanced emergency response capabilities and opponents expressing concerns about increased firearm presence and lack of transparency. Residents like Laura Burns and Allison Dzikowski distrust the necessity of civilians in law enforcement roles, while county legislators, including Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, criticize Blakeman for insufficient consultation and raise doubts about the adequacy of training provided to the special deputies, with DeRiggi-Whitton drawing comparisons to historical paramilitary groups, sparking outrage from Blakeman and his supporters.

Bill passes both houses, awaits Gov. Kathy Hochul’s signature

Repealing the adultery law

The New York Assembly and Senate passed a bill to repeal the state's adultery law, citing its outdated nature and potential for unintended consequences. Legislators like Liz Krueger and Charles Lavine supported the repeal, while Lavine faced criticism from religious groups. Religious leaders, such as Jeffrey Prey, emphasize the importance of personal values and commitment over legal enforcement of moral standards.

NICE weekend bus service coming soon Glen Cove

Starting May 26, Glen Cove residents will enjoy Sunday service on the N21 NICE bus, with potential additional service on the N27 later in the fall, addressing long-standing transportation gaps. Doris Harris, a cancer patient, and others have struggled without weekend bus service, resorting to expensive alternatives like taxis and trains. Prompted by advocacy from Nassau County Legislature Minority Leader Delia DeRiggi-Whitton, NICE swiftly responded, promising pilot programs to improve weekend service on both routes.

Hach challenges GOP establishment for CD3

Greg Hach, a Republican candidate, is gearing up for the primary against Michael LiPetri to challenge incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi for the 3rd Congressional District seat. Hach, emphasizing his military background and legal expertise, opposes Democratic agendas and advocates for national security, immigration reform, and economic stability. He presents himself as a grassroots alternative to career politicians, raising concerns about LiPetri's past associations and political stance. Hach warns against establishment politics and stresses the need for genuine representation in Congress.

Unforgettable lesson about the solar eclipse

Deasy Elementary students experienced both an earthquake and a rare partial solar eclipse, sparking a memorable educational opportunity led by high school seniors Christina Kodis and Thomas Potter. Despite the initial confusion caused by the earthquake, Kodis and Potter turned the eclipse event into an engaging lesson, using hands-on activities to simulate the phenomenon and leaving a lasting impression on the younger students. Their efforts aimed to instill a sense of wonder and appreciation for natural events, ensuring that the students would remember the experience for years to come.


L.I. GOP must condemn Trump’s dangerous remarks

Kevin J. Kelley underscores the significance of bipartisan collaboration in politics, advocating for respect, civil discourse, and condemnation of inflammatory rhetoric from leaders like Donald Trump to protect democracy and uphold civic values.


Spring cleaning: Forget the brooms and mops

Since the pandemic and the collapse of the social life we once enjoyed, I dress down.