Glen Cove’s BID reflects on 2023 success


The Glen Cove Downtown Business Improvement District has made countless efforts to keep businesses thriving. The BID held an annual meeting on March 14 at Glen Floors to summarize and share their successes. The evening included a presentation that showcased many smiling faces in the city during holiday celebrations, and a reflection on the BID’s 26 years of celebrating Downtown Sounds, the BID’s summer music festival.
A business improvement district is a formal organization made up of property owners and commercial tenants who are dedicated to promoting business development and improving an area’s quality of life. BIDs deliver supplemental services, such as public events, marketing and promotional programs, capital improvements, and beautification for the area — all funded by a special assessment paid by property owners within the district.
The BID is comprised of a board of directors, which is made up of eight downtown property owners, three downtown commercial tenants and one residential tenant. It’s divided into four groups — finance, capital improvements, marketing, and economic development, as well as three city appointees: the deputy mayor, city controller, and the Community Development Agency.
Among some of its many endeavors, the capital improvements committee implemented many visual improvements to the downtown area, ensuring it remains welcoming and charming. Some projects included holiday banners, lighted garland and bows installed throughout downtown by DPW, new Downtown Sounds banners created by local high school students and purchasing 73 flower baskets hung from downtown lampposts. The BID also repaired its information kiosk, with help from Vinny Martinez of DPW, and installed in Village Square, where it has greater visibility.
The BID’s fiscal year begins Jan. 1 and ends on Dec. 31, and its financial report for the year shows total revenue of $261,844.00. This revenue is sourced from various partnerships, sponsorships, grants, and assessments. Expenditures for the year amount to $237,489.26, with the majority allocated to capital improvements, marketing efforts, special events, memberships, management, and office expenses. Notable expenses include funds allocated for landscaping and walkway maintenance, advertising, special events such as Downtown Sounds and the Halloween parade and festival, as well as management and office expenses. Despite these expenditures, the BID maintains a positive financial overview, reflecting a balanced approach to promoting and managing downtown activities and amenities.

Downtown Glen Cove experienced significant growth and activity in 2023. The lineup of events, from Downtown Sounds to the Halloween Parade and Festival, drew attention to local businesses and fostered community engagement.
The free public events offered served several purposes: to bring people in the Glen Cove community together, invite newcomers to participate in the events, and expose the public to downtown businesses.
In October, the North Shore Hispanic Chamber of Commerce held a Hispanic Heritage Celebration in Village Square. The event included Hispanic vendors, live entertainment, samples from Tocolo Cantina, and honored Chef Moris Cafe on its 3rd anniversary.
On the Saturday before Halloween, the Glen Cove Downtown BID held a murder mystery event downtown. Participants received the first clue via email, then had to search for more clues at downtown businesses to solve the crime.
The BID also worked with the CDA to improve the stairwell off the alleyway leading from School Street to the garage. They removed tripping hazards in walkways between 1-3 School Street into the garage’s pedestrian entrance, and power washed the alleyway between City Hall and the courthouse.
Executive director of the Downtown BID, Jill Nossa played a crucial role in orchestrating these developments, alongside Leah Dwyer, the assistant director.
“I look forward to working with and getting to know the membership even better this year,” Nossa said. “I know that, with the BID board of directors, committee members, the city and the community, we can accomplish great things in downtown Glen Cove.”