Library salutes Women’s History Month


The Baldwin Public Library set up a photo and literature display on the first floor to honor Women’s History Month and a new array of books for the Great Reading Challenge.

The library said the Women’s History Month display’s theme “Phenomenal Women of Yesterday and Today” — briefly describes how the month of March became Women’s History Month. The stand includes printed takeaway copies of Maya Angelou’s famous poem, “Phenomenal Woman.”

On the library’s second floor, patrons will find a book trough upstairs, which also honors Women’s History Month, through the Great Reading Challenge of 2023 — a book reading program, which features a specific category of book for participants to read and later submit a review for each month. 

This month patrons have a wide selection of books by a female author. The trough is filled with many titles like, Jane Austen’s “Persuasion,” Louisa May Alcott’s “Little Women,” Jackie Collins’ “Thrill,” and Sister Souljah’s “Life After Death.” Last month participants had the opportunity to choose books written by Black and next month’s category will focus on romance novels.

The top three participants who have submitted the most reviews to the library will be awarded prizes at the end of the year. After submitting a review, you can pick a prize from the Box of Awards found by the Adult Reference Desk. There is no registration required for participation.