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No virus will stop the ‘Pomp and Circumstance’


 When Alexis Nieves, The Regency's Human Resource Coordinator, said that she was graduating from Nassau Community College and that she did not want to attend her virtual graduation ceremony from home, The Regency at Glen Cove Assisted Living staff didn’t agree. The team made a few calls to organize Nieves’ personal college graduation.

On May 21, Nieves made her way into The Regency sunroom to graduate. Mayor Timothy Tenke was on hand to bestow Reeves her diploma, a bouquet of flowers and a special proclamation from the city. Reeves mother, Nellie, watched the entire ceremony from Pennsylvania via FaceTime

"I love that you all made this possible for Alexis,” her mother said. “We are humbled.”

"Reach for the stars,” added resident Frances Nisenbaum, who safely watched. “It was beautiful to be a part of her special day."

Reeves is a huge Yankee fan. The team tried to get a few Yankee legends to send her a graduation message. Instead, Comedian Tugboat Manny sent a wish from "Babe Ruth" for all to see. The Regency team expressed their gratitude to their own Chef Pat for making this happen. 

“I am speechless and very thankful for the love and support from my Regency family.” Reeves said. “They made a quarantine graduation a reality that I will never forget.”

 Mayor Tenke also celebrated Stella Shank’s 25 years at The Regency as the director of special services. She has served in almost every capacity at The Regency since she started. The staff said that they’re grateful for Shank’s leadership qualities, creativity and ability to handle anything that comes her way. The staff added that Shank always serves with a smile.