Sanitary District 1 election kerfuffle

Absentee ballots need to be counted, hearing Wednesday


As of press time, the results of the Sanitary District 1 election between Gabriel Boxer and Gwynette Campbell remain unofficial with Boxer leading Campbell 395 to 288 for the four-year term as a commissioner for the Town of Hempstead’s Sanitary District 1.

On Wednesday, the parties went to court through the Microsoft Teams platform to resolve a number of issues ranging from determining if the manner used by SD 1 for issuing and reviewing absentee ballot applications and issuing and distributing those ballots was legal to deciding whether the counting of those absentee ballots should proceed.

In addition, to determine whether the counting by SD 1 was accurate, ordering the sanitary district to certify the correct count and certify that Boxer won the election and granting other relief as decided by the court.    

Boxer previously told the Herald, "The court had to delay the proceedings due to serious irregularities with this election," regarding the originally scheduled July 14 hearing. "I'm confident that we won,!" he added.

Cedarhurst-based lawyer Nat Swergold, representing SD 1 said, “The central issue is the absentee ballots. There are no irregularities.”

Boxer is the CEO of both Kosher Response and the Leon Mayer Fund, non-profits based in Hewlett, and chairs Young Israel of Hewlett’s board of directors.  

Campbell served roughly one month on the board after being appointed to finish former Commissioner Lino Viola’s term. He retired in April. Campbell has served on the board of the Five Towns Community Center and is its current president.

Incumbent Commissioner James Vilardi ran unopposed for the five-year term and received 552 votes.

Vilardi, a Hewlett resident, was appointed to the board in 2005. His other board experience includes serving as commissioner on Nassau County Bridge Authority, Executive Director of Town-Village Aircraft Safety and Noise Abatement Committee, South Nassau/Sinai advisory board chair. He is involved with the Five Towns Community Center and other food banks and Covid advocacy organizations.

This story will be updated.