Vote for Assemblyman Charles Lavine


New York State Assemblyman Charles Lavine is committed to serving his constituents. As chairman of the Assembly Standing Committee on Election Law, he is working to add early-voting sites to the North Shore. The closest one to the Glen Cove-Sea Cliff-Bayville area is now in Roslyn Heights, which is inconvenient for folks here. And Lavine supports legislation that would allow ballots to be tracked by computer.  

For these reasons and more, we urge voters to cast their ballots for Lavine in this year’s election. 

Lavine has helped spread the word about the importance of mask wearing and social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. When asked, he said he would consider fining those who do not wear masks. But, he wondered, do we want to punish our neighbor? This is classic Lavine. He has spent over a decade as a legislator considering ideas deeply before deciding on the best course of action. We need more lawmakers like him.

The assemblyman supports a state Voters Rights Act, because it would mandate rules to improve the election process. He does not want to take power away from Board of Election commissioners. He wants to see a balance between the Republican and Democratic parties to ensure the best interests of all New Yorkers are represented.

In June, he joined 3,000 people who marched in a Black Lives Matter peaceful protest in Glen Cove, his hometown. And he has been vocal in his support of repealing Civil Rights Law 50-A, thus allowing the public to access law enforcement disciplinary records, the first step to increasing police accountability.

Challenger Andrew Monteleone’s belief that it is important to work on both sides of the aisle is spot on, but he has no experience as an elected official, so he is not prepared to run for state office.

Lavine is heavily involved in the community that he represents. We think he has earned the right to continue his work, and we encourage you to vote for him next Tuesday