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Vote ‘yes’ for Glen Cove’s school budget


The Glen Cove City School District’s administration and Board of Education are dedicated to making sure that the district’s students receive the best education possible, and the 2019-20 school budget is a great example as to why. The effort put forth by these entities has been impressive, and the fruits of their labor have warranted a strong endorsement in the adoption of the budget by the Herald Gazette.

At roughly $91.3 million, next year’s budget is over $23 million more than the 2018-19 budget of $68 million. The $9 million in next year’s budget came as a result of Superintendent Dr. Maria Rianna and a pair of Glen Cove parents trip to Albany where they lobbied for more Foundation Aid from the state. With the help of Senator Jim Gaughran, a Democrat from Northport, Glen Cove’s representatives were able to garner $1.2 million more in Foundation Aid than would have been initially granted under the state’s Foundation Aid formula. Also, at just short of 2 percent, the district’s tax levy is significantly less than the average 2.3 percent in Nassau County.

There are several additions coming to the district through this new budget, with the biggest two being the institution of a nine-period day at Glen Cove High School and increased security throughout the district.

This nine-period day would be a vital component in improving the lives and education of the district’s high schoolers. Every student would have a mandated lunch period, removing the stress of having to eat lunch in the middle of class. And additional coursework would become available for students who wish to earn more credits, and students in need of more help would be able to take an extra class geared toward improving their abilities in a particular subject. In essence, this budget would greatly enhance the education received by Glen Cove’s oldest students.

The need for greater security in the district’s buildings is self-explanatory. In an age where gun violence in schools has almost become frequent, American schools need to place a huge emphasis on security in order to keep its students safe. Glen Cove schools want to protect the city’s children, and this budget would greatly help it in doing so.

The budget will also address two of the most pervasive issues that were present in the $84.6 million bond that failed to pass in March — the replacement of the roof at Landing Elementary School and a new PA system as Deasy Elementary School.

However, it cannot be understated that the projects listed under the bond cannot all be addressed by a school budget. We believe that a bond is still needed to help the district reach its full potential, but this budget is still a big step forward in the success of the Glen Cove City School District.

We urge voters to adopt the 2019-20 school budget on May 21.