North Shore students go all out for Sports Night


For over 20 years, North Shore High School has held its annual Sports Night competition. As is tradition, the freshman competed dressed in green, while the sophomores excelled in blue, the juniors wore yellow, and the seniors shined in white.

This year it was the juniors who won the 2024 Sports Night, and all the students who participated demonstrated great team spirit and sportsmanship. This year’s theme involved the seniors as Star Wars, the juniors as Marvel, the sophomores as the Hunger Games, and the freshman as Harry Potter.

Throughout the fun and exciting evening, the interclass competitions including tug of war, various relay races, cage volleyball, a dance competition, and the famous obstacle course took place against the backdrop of a roaring crowd. In addition to the athletic competitions, traditionally an Academic Bowl takes place prior, giving students the chance to showcase not only their physical attributes, but their academic knowledge.