Sowing the seeds of environmentalism in Sea Cliff


The Sea Cliff Beautification Committee will once again join forces with second graders of Sea Cliff Elementary School for their annual Arbor Day celebration at Geohegan, also known as Headless Park. The event, scheduled for 12:45 p.m. on Friday, will see the planting of an Eastern redbud tree, a tradition cherished by the community.

Barbara Sinenberg, a long-time member and former president of the Beautification Committee, explained that the committee has organized Arbor Day and similar events for years as a way to both beautify the community and highlight Sea Cliff’s natural beauty for the next generation. Sinenberg detailed the upcoming Arbor Day event, emphasizing its significance in instilling a love for nature in the younger generation.

“We want the children to catch on to nature and realize that planting trees is a super important thing,” she remarked. “We can always plant trees, but Arbor Day just celebrates the fact that we should be planting trees and not just cutting them down.”

The Sea Cliff Beautification Committee, comprised of approximately 12 to 15 active members, engages in various activities throughout the year to enhance the community’s green spaces. Sinenberg highlighted their fundraising efforts, including a plant sale on May 4 at St. Luke’s Church, offering a selection of annuals and homegrown perennials divided and contributed by members.

Another notable fundraiser organized by the committee is the biennial Secret Garden Tour, a highly anticipated event that showcases the beauty of Sea Cliff’s gardens. While this year’s tour is on hiatus, Sinenberg expressed enthusiasm for its return next year.

Reflecting on the committee’s role, Sinenberg emphasized its commitment to maintaining Sea Cliff’s parks and greenery. From planting and pruning to advocating for essential amenities like watering systems, the committee’s efforts are instrumental in preserving the community’s natural beauty.

“By working in the parks we always learn something new, whether it’s about gardening, the village or each other,” she explained. “We are basically in charge of all of the Sea Cliff parks, and when I say ‘in charge’ I mean our job is to keep them beautiful.”

Regarding plant selections, Sinenberg highlighted the preference for annuals in prominent parks to ensure vibrant displays throughout the year. While native plantings are considered, practical concerns such as invasiveness and maintenance are carefully weighed. Focal points like the Centennial Garden by Village Hall feature a mix of perennials and annuals, requiring meticulous upkeep.

Sinenberg, though no longer holding an official title, remains actively involved in the committee’s activities, and said anyone with an interest in gardening, nature or just being outdoors is welcome to join the Beautification Committee.