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A phased reopening of Island Park Library


Island Park Public Library has been gradually reopening to patrons after having to shut down in March due to Covid-19.

At first, the library began allowing curbside pickup. Now, since July 27, the library has been open for in-person browsing. Patrons can make a 30-minute appointment to visit the library and check out materials.

“We wanted to get back to serving people as soon as we could,” said Library Director Jessica Koenig, adding that since people have different comfort levels, the library is continuing its curbside pickup services.

This is just another phase of reopening — Koenig says the library could make its computers available in two weeks. However, there is currently no seating and no computer or copy machine usage permitted.

During this time, the library is still holding virtual programming. They have also introduced the check out of outdoor games, such as a large Connect 4 board, hacky sack games, Kan Jam and others.

“There’s certain things we can’t do right now,” Koenig said, “so we just wanted to be creative and come up with something we can do.”

She noted that people typically keep their library visits short and are being cooperative regarding mask wearing, hand sanitizing and social distancing.

“It’s great to actually see people in person,” Koenig added. “Everyone seems to be happy to access the library again.”