Lynbrook and Malverne firefighters team up

A pickup truck engulfed in flames shut down Ocean Avenue


Lynbrook and Malverne firefighters teamed up on Monday night last week to extinguish a working pick-up truck fire on Ocean Avenue just north of Lakeview Avenue. 

 Lynbrook was originally called to the intersection of Ocean and Lakeview Avenues for the fire only to find the fully flame-enveloped pickup, was about 200 feet into Malverne’s jurisdiction.  Malverne Firefighters also responded and worked together with Lynbrook firefighters to extinguish the blaze which totally destroyed the vehicle.  

Lynbrook Chief Danny Ambrosio and Malverne Deputy Chief Anthony Buonomo, working together, coordinated the work of the firefighters efforts from both departments. Lynbrook's Assistant Chiefs Scott Bien, Clayton Murphy, and James DiGiambattista were on scene as was Malverne Deputy Chief James Aresta. 

There were no injuries.

During the fire, Ocean Avenue was closed in both directions by Malverne police from Lakeview Avenue to the high school.  Firefighters were at the scene for about an hour.  The video of the fire can also be seen on