‘Never again’ is more than a slogan. It’s our rallying cry.


Like most people, I awoke on Oct. 7 to news of Hamas’ horrific attack on Israel. The barbarism displayed by the Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians was enough to make anybody’s blood boil. The indiscriminate slaughter of innocent men, women and children in communities across the south of Israel was the biggest loss of Jewish life since the Holocaust.
You would think that this modern-day pogrom, carried out by terrorists who seek the destruction of Israel and the eradication of the Jewish people, would elicit a unified response from the international community. Alas, the scenes of horror in communities like Sderot, Ashkelon, kibbutz Be’eri and Re’im — where people were cut down in horrific fashion by Hamas fighters simply for being Jewish — drew mixed reactions from countries around the globe and even neighbors here at home.
Indeed, instead of mourning with Israelis and calling for the return of the hundreds of hostages kidnapped into the Gaza Strip, world leaders have condemned Israel for leading an “occupation,” and even gone so far as to actively side with Hamas. Sadly, other “leaders” who have warped views on this situation can be found closer to home, like U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, who proudly defended the use of virulently antisemitic chants at pro-Palestinian protests, most notably, “From the river to the sea!” which is a call for the destruction of Israel.
We must condemn such antisemitic speech, whether it comes from faraway capitals or the halls of our own Congress, which is why I continue to advocate for the censorship of Tlaib and for the Biden administration to take a strong stand against nations that seek to undermine the United States’ greatest ally, Israel.
Not only have we seen institutional antisemitism at work on the world stage, but it has even permeated the streets of our neighborhoods as well as the campuses of American colleges and universities. Just turning on the news puts the depth of hatred on full display, with Jewish students being subjected to hate and ridicule by pro-Palestinian protesters simply for wearing kippahs — a clear sign that these protesters’ real issue is with the existence of Jews, and not just the policies of the State of Israel.

This antisemitic violence has turned deadly, with a 69-year-old Jewish, pro-Israel protester killed in cold blood in California on Nov. 5. We cannot allow this violence against Jews to become normalized, in Israel or the United States.
Congress is taking action to combat antisemitism and to provide our Israeli allies with the tools they need to defend their very existence. On Nov. 2, the House of Representatives passed the Israel Security Supplemental Appropriations Act. This legislation, which I co-sponsored, provides Israel with over $14 billion in aid to help replenish its Iron Dome missile defense system, increase the amount of previously depleted munitions, and much more. The funding package also includes provisions to aid in the evacuation of American citizens from Israel, and to enhance security at the U.S. embassy there.
On the domestic front, I also helped pass House Resolution 798, which formally condemns Hamas/Hezbollah sympathizers on college campuses. This resolution passed with bipartisan support, and I will continue working with colleagues from across the aisle to ensure that Jewish students at American colleges and universities are not forced to learn in unsafe environments.
The Hamas attack on Israel, and the ensuing campaign against terrorism, have had profound impacts on the United States. The recent dramatic increase in antisemitic incidents across the country shows that hatred is on the rise, and demonstrates the need for communities around the country to unite and denounce such evil actions. Let’s all lend our voices to the campaign against hate, support our Jewish neighbors, promote the defense of our Israeli allies, and unite in condemnation of Hamas and its enablers, both at home and abroad. Never again will we let evil win.

Anthony D’Esposito represents New York’s 4th Congressional District.