Helping others through the power of art


A remarkable 9-year-old named Cal Krinsky is making waves by channeling his passion for art into a charitable cause. Cal, a resident of Sea Cliff, has been auctioning off his artwork to raise funds for Art With Heart, a project he initiated to ensure that every child has access to art supplies.

Cal’s journey began in December 2022 when he felt a strong conviction that all kids should have the opportunity to engage in art. Recognizing that not every child has access to art supplies, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Cal and his mom, Jaime Teich, they shared insights into the motivation behind Art With Heart.

“I started doing this because I feel like every kid should be able to do art, and if they don’t have art supplies, they can’t really do art,” Cal explained with an earnest enthusiasm that belies his age. “So, I wanted to create a means for them to be able to do it,”

This recent art auction marked Cal’s second event, and it was held at COCO Confections + Cofee, a local establishment known for its good chocolate and coffee. The event attracted not only supportive family members but also friends from school and the community.

Cal showcased various pieces, including one named “The Tree,” a colorful representation that holds sentimental value for the young artist. The name of the piece originated from a spontaneous doodle that gained significance during an interview.

The fundraising event featured a raffle where attendees could win the chance to own an original Cal Krinsky artwork. With a 1% chance per ticket, the raffle added an exciting element to the evening, contributing to the overall success of the event.

Cal’s efforts were a huge success, as he managed to raise over $3,500. While he hasn’t utilized the funds yet, Cal expressed his willingness to support causes that align with the mission of Art With Heart. He highlighted his previous contributions, including the purchase of 150 boxes of crayons for a school fundraiser earlier in the year.

Looking forward, Cal remains open to supporting various causes, emphasizing the importance of using the funds where they are most needed. His dedication to making a positive impact through his art is both heartwarming and inspiring, proving that age is no barrier when it comes to making a difference in the lives of others. As Cal continues to spread joy through his art, the community eagerly anticipates the positive ripple effects of his endeavors.