School board election 2024: Meet the Valley Stream District 24 school board candidates


Residents will cast their ballots for three newcomers vying for a contested seat on District 24’s Board of Education on May 21.  Candidates Alisa Clark, Annette Matthew, and Erika Vasquez are in a three-way race for the open seat of Trustee Donna LaRocco, who is stepping down. 

The candidates were asked for their thoughts on the most pressing issues facing the district. Matthew and Vasquez could not be reached for comment. 

Alisa Clark 

1. What do you consider the most pressing challenges facing the district in the upcoming year and how do you intend to address these issues if given the chance?

I believe an emerging critical issue for the school community is a recent trend of classrooms increasing in size.  Higher numbers of students and families requires increased traffic and school safety at all our schools. To address these issues, I would like to see increased connection and communication between school, parents, and community members. Developing a strong relationship with the community, and improving visibility for the Board of Education will allow for more opportunities to discuss productive solutions.  Longer term, I think we also need to look for ways to manage class sizes and improve access to resources.

2. Why do you feel you are best suited to the position of trustee?

I am a dedicated parent who became involved with the schools through volunteering and developing relationships with our students, their families, teachers, and faculty. As a current board member of the William L. Buck PTA, I am actively involved in supporting student growth, including through parental involvement within our school. I am committed to providing the best opportunities for increased learning in our students utilizing my background experience in education.

3. How do you plan to ensure that all students, regardless of their background or abilities, receive a quality education and have equitable access to resources and opportunities within our school district?

The best outcomes for students happen when the district can meet them where they are to support them on their learning trajectory. We want to see all students succeed and achieve to the best of their abilities.  A key piece is regular communications between teachers and parents, with the support of administrations and the Board of Education to ensure all students are receiving the same learning opportunities while addressing challenges with tangible plans for solutions. Fiscally, we need to be proactive in seeking grants and additional funding to create more academic and extracurricular opportunities for all our learners without adding to the tax burden of the community.

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