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LWA Antics

Volleying back to some normalcy


Due to Covid-19 many schools have had to shut down sports for the rest of the year, but things might be changing for the better. Lawrence Woodmere Academy’s girls finished their volleyball season.

LWA has made a strong effort to put together a Covid safe sports season for all LWA students. The girls’ volleyball team started the season on March 24 and ended April 20.

Girls’ volleyball team captain Diana D. said: “It was a ragtag team of anyone willing to play this year, but for the seniors at least we had another year to play the sport we love.”

For the first time in LWA history, girls from middle and high school were able to play on the team. LWA had their youngest player ever, seventh-grader Addison Cooper.

Junior volleyball player Adaora M. said: “It was so much fun being able to be out on the court with everyone again. It felt so nice to be a part of a team again playing as one unit. I am so grateful that we were able to have a season this year, and this makes me very optimistic for the future.” 

The girls' volleyball team made the playoffs this season, and though the girls did not win, everyone was just so proud of themselves for making the playoffs. Diana and Adaora were named All-Conference players and honored with trophies.

Though the girls were able to have a season there were many changes to make sure games and practices were Covid safe. Masks were mandatory at practice, only six players per team were allowed on the court at all times, and players had to be six-feet apart.

Before and after every practice all the balls are sanitized. The new Covid rules for games are very similar to the rules for practices. During games, masks had to be worn at all times, players were socially distanced when on the bench, and no players were allowed in the locker rooms. 

Though the team had to adapt to the new rules, everyone had a great time playing and were so grateful to have a season.

This experience opens up so many doors for future sports and extracurriculars, gives hope to students that school is getting somewhat back to normal, and shines a bright light on the next upcoming season.